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#payDTforward - Design Thinking Foundation

This course is developed and curated by DT LEADERSHIP Sdn Bhd. #payDTforward

Hi! Welcome to Design Thinking program #payDTforward

Design Thinking is our flagship program. We have conducted this workshop to around 2,500 people the last few years. It's really thrilling to have this course offered online to all of you. It is such a great honor to have you sign up as part of our efforts to spread design thinking across the globe. 

#payDTforward is our effort to invite more people from all walks of life to get localized content on design thinking. As design thinking becoming more mainstream, we hope this content will enable and empower many of us to believe and express our own innovative ideas in a DT way. We really hope to nudge you in that direction. 

#payDTforward To make this program interesting, we have combined our own made videos as well as publicly available videos (curated and carefully selected) . Design Thinking is such a wide and trending innovation tools, regionally and worldwide. It is impossible for us to cover such a wide range applications of the discipline. 

We have here for you the basic program and important features that you need to know and learn about Design Thinking. We are in the opinion, when you complete this program, you will be able to make sense of Design Thinking. Plus, you will be able to take Design Thinking projects, head-on. 

There's a little certificate for you too! Do complete this course and I hope to be part of your DT journey!

Hope you will enjoy this program. Design Thinking, works! #payDTforward

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Intended Audience: Professional, Educator, Trainer, Manager, Senior Manager, Coaches, Graduates, Students

Few Words from Lead Instructors
Learning Outcomes
What Is Design Thinking by CEO of IDEO, Tim Brown
Design Thinking at Deloitte Australia
Design Thinking at IBM
How Design Thinking Transformed AirBNB
Design Thinking at Deutsche Bank
Design Thinking at UNICEF
Digital Innnovation at PwC Using Design Thinking
Crash Course by Stanford
Ideate Prototype Test_EDIPT
What Is Design Challenge
How to Create Design Challenge
Make Your Own Design Challenge
Make Another Design Challenge
Diving Into Design Challenge
Example of Design Thinking Projects
What Is Check In
How to Do Check In

What's included

  • 21 Video Lessons
  • 2 Text Lessons

  • Works on all devices
  • Certificate of completion