Snake Envenomation

This course is sponsored by UKMMC, Dr Ahmad Khaldun.

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Intended Audience: students

Course Curriculum

Introduction to Snake Envenomation
Snake and Us
Issues and Challenges
Identifying and Referencing for Snake ID
Two Ways to Snake ID
Determine Snake ID from Bite Side
Obtaining Detailed History of Incident
Potential Effects of Snake Envenomation
First Aid & Universal Recommendation
Close Serial Observation PSP RPP
Treatment for Snake Bite
Process in Managing Snakebite
Pressure Bandaging Immobilisation
Initiative AMSEM & RECS
Continuous Education & AMSEM 2016
Bonus Section 1
Bonus Section 2
Bonus Section 3
MHI 27 April 2016 (Dr Ahmad Khaldun)
AMSEM 2016 - Buletin USM
Bitten by Rare Beauties - Volume 1
Bitten by Rare Beauties - Volume 2